The HUMAN Element

Table of Elements

Like it or Not – We Are Usually Defined by the Company We Keep

Many of us have had to endure high school or college chemistry. Many of us have had to endure more chemistry classes in graduate work.

Some like to study chemistry, others would rather watch paint dry or suffer through a paper cut or a rope burn.

No matter what ever you think of chemistry, we know when all the known elements are grouped together, they form the Periodic Table.

Today I would like you to consider adding one more element: the HUMAN ELEMENT.

Just like in the Period Table of Elements, let’s give it a symbol: Hm 

So, what does the Human element (Hm) that have to do with leadership?

Well, like it or not we are usually defined by the company we keep. Many people believe you are defined by, or at a minimum grouped with the five people you interact with the most. 

My point is this: we are defined by the company we keep, but as individuals, our Hm (Human element) should never be trivialized.

Each of us contributes our own capabilities and personalities to our jobs, our families, and our favorite activities. With each person we meet, with every day we greet, we as individuals can influence the outcome of events in our lives by our own Hm.

So, by that measure, the decision of how our Hm influences our lives and the lives we touch each day is really up to each of us.

Since I firmly believe your attitude affects your altitude, we each have a choice on which direction our lives, our Hm, will take us.

Look for the positive, change your attitude about problems and force yourself to look at them as opportunities; seek advancement to meet your capabilities; and never settle for less than what you know in your heart you can achieve.

Set lofty goals, and develop a road map to achieve them, and never, never ever give up! 

Look inward and define your own personal Hm.

Be honest with yourself and challenge yourself to have the best Hm possible and LEAD yourself to the best life possible.

Understand you really are defined by the company you keep.

Put everything you have into your family, your job, your favorite activities, and soon your personal Hm will influence and impact not only your actions, but will also help to define the actions of those with whom we interact every day. 

Do you understand why I chose Hm to designate the Human Element? …hmmm…..