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Jeff Hilovsky


Jeff Hilovsky

Dr. Jeff Hilovsky has always had a passion for leadership.

Leaders influence through inspiration, motivation, and action. Leaders are problem solvers who implement “people centric” solutions based on clearly defined values and apply them to goal requirements. 

Jeff believes the solution to many turbulent issues begin with leading yourself. Each of us has unique qualities we use to solve problems and influence life situations. Values-based Leadership Training provides the tools necessary to make that happen. 

His easy to use and easy to understand “Dr H’s 13 Rules for Life” and understanding the Character Pillars are standalone resources to serve as the bedrock for Servant Leadership training.

He designed and implemented Leadership is a Lifestyle program specifically designed to teach, coach, motivate, activate, and encourage leaders of all ages to act and define and then reach their highest potential. 

His active presentation style engages the students to learn, question, think, and interact with others to implement values-based leadership principles in their lives. 

He has also presented similar programs to companies and organizations searching for an easy and fun way to become better leaders.

What I Believe

What I believe:

By staying true to our core values, living a life of gratitude and abundance, and committing to serve others without expectation of return, each of us can influence and inspire others to become more; one person, one group, or one organization at a time. Leaders Lead!