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Jeff Hilovsky
Studying and learning about how leaders think, how they act, and how they find solutions that impact lives has been an interest of his for years. 
He enjoys studying the leadership philosophies and actions of leaders like Presidents Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Presidents Madison and Reagan, Prime Minister Churchill, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Dr. John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, General Colin Powell, Coach John Wooden, General Eisenhower, Dr. Ben Carson, and others. The how and the why matter and understanding their leadership ways and decision-making leads to understanding why they achieved results.
There is little doubt we live in turbulent and times. Many of the ideals most of us learned in our youth are being challenged. Add to the mix the real-world problems that deserve a clear vision for a path to move forward. Unlike the past, today’s leaders must understand the chaotic lightning speed changes brought on by technology. To compete and win in this world I believe we must challenge and unlock the leader within all of us. Based on the core principles of vales-based servant leadership we can unleash our inner “Power of One” to provide contemporary solutions to nagging problems. It is imperative leaders react and lead in response to these changes that will direct the successes of tomorrow.
Colonel Hilovsky served our country in the active-duty Air Force, and then in the Air Force Reserves, retiring with over 25 yrs of service. He was a wartime Medical Commander for the 512th Airlift Wing at Dover AFB DE during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As Commander he enjoyed the unofficial additional duty as “mentor in chief” for his staff and co-workers.
Dr. Hilovsky co-founded a successful multi-location optometry practice in southern Delaware.  Aside from his military duties, Dr. Hilovsky serves as an industry consultant and is the Medical Director for vision services company serving practices in Delaware and part of Maryland. Additionally, the Governor of Delaware appointed him to serve on the Delaware State Board of Optometry. He served two terms as President of the Board, guiding successful scope of practice legislation. Additionally, he led the effort to re-write the Rules and Regulations for Optometry in Delaware. He is also Past President of the Delaware Optometric Association and served as a Clinical Examiner for the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.
He serves on the Easter Seals Board of Advisors, is active in his church, and LIONS Club. While in college he was selected as Senior Man of the Year.
Jeff and his wife Marcia are proud parents of three grown children and two grandchildren. He enjoys riding his bike and participating in sprint triathlons. He has completed the Marine Corps Marathon and numerous half marathons.
Jeff is an avid cyclist. Together with friends, he has ridden his bicycle from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC, across New York and Michigan. During his ride across New York, he raised $5,000 for Lions Vision Research

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By staying true to our core values, living a life of gratitude and abundance, and committing to serve others without expectation of return, each of us can influence and inspire others to become more; one person, one group, or one organization at a time.

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