Become a GRINDER!!!

Become a Grinder

As the political winds swirl (and it seems they always do) there will be much talk about budgets, taxes, spending, entitlements, immigration, defense, stock market success, economic expansion or recession, and or course the next election…whenever that may be.

Opinions will differ, tempers (real or imagined) will flare but the facts will remain.

We spend a ton, we owe too much money to too many, we have pockets of unrest and division, and the rest of the world continues to be in everlasting turmoil.

Technology seems to be changing daily also. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Super Computers, 3 D printing, Genomic based medicine, Bitcoin, and Hacking of personal information and records are upon us now.

Disruptive CHANGE is everywhere! And that is only the beginning of the change.

Additionally, the US currently ranks 34th in the world in math education results and 24th in the world in science education results. How can we compete globally? 

With all the dizzying mind-numbing changes listed above, how is it possible you can position yourself to be successful and meet your personal, career, and lifestyle goals?

We know the world is changing, and by understanding the education rankings discussed above, it seems like the citizens of other nations are hungrier for success and striving for excellence now more than ever before.

The competitive nature of a world shrunk by near universal internet connectivity has guaranteed citizens of other countries are competing for your job!

Since disruptive change seems to occur daily, you must take ACTION to change with the world. Be your own “disrupter” and disrupt your routine. 

Individually, we need to have personal goals for becoming excellent in all we do. Not just the trite over used word “excellent” we throw around every day, but honest to goodness living a life that allows you to be excellent.

How? Become a GRINDER!

A commitment to excellence involves education, committing to lifelong learning, training and re-inventing yourself, personal enrichment, and working after everyone else has quit. Also, studying more after others have stopped – to make yourself more competitive in the workplace, being early, prepared and eager, listening and observing, and handling success with class; but, failure with dignity.

Stop wishing you were better, wishing you were smarter, and wishing you were eligible for the next promotion and put in the effort to become better, smarter, and more eligible for promotion.

Organize your time, minimize those activities that are pushing you away from your goals, and convert that time into the energy and effort it takes to “make it happen!”

Accept the challenge and get it done! 

Accepting personal responsibility for your actions and decisions will quickly put you on the road to success. You are the driver of your vehicle on the road to success, and you control your speed.

Will you travel toward your goals directly or be sidetracked by the potholes, speedbumps, and distractions along the way?

PREPARE/PLAN/EXECUTE your way to success!

Let’s get hungry like those in other countries: envision your success and make a plan to make it happen.

Life is competition, planning to win, preparing to win, playing to win, and achieving your goals by becoming a GRINDER is the recipe for success.

Believe you are a winner and succeed!

Challenge yourself to step up to the plate and put your personal plan for growth in action!