People Centric

Process Driven, but People Centric

Leaders Lead! That is a favorite quick saying of mine urging others to join in the process of leading.  As we all know there is much more to leadership.   Most leaders consistently show the ability to analyze, problem solve, decide, and execute the decision with precision.  They align the solutions with process operations available […]

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Basketball Hoop Shot

Double D + C = SuperPower

What Does That Mean? Why are some successful and other are not?  What separates winners from losers?   Why do some consistently outperform others?  There are many answers to those questions, but I suggest success in almost any endeavor boils down to “Double D + C = SUPERSTAR!”  Willfully exerting DETERMINATION, and DISCIPLINE and adding COMMITMENT will help anyone on the road to

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Leadership and Opportunism

The Specific Differences Today let’s consider the difference between LEADERSHIP and OPPORTUNISM. Leadership is influencing the actions and thoughts of an individual or a group to raise overall performance and to meet or exceed expectations, in order to achieve the vision and goals of the leader. Leaders are performance driven! There are many styles and

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Become a Grinder

Become a GRINDER!!!

As the political winds swirl (and it seems they always do) there will be much talk about budgets, taxes, spending, entitlements, immigration, defense, stock market success, economic expansion or recession, and or course the next election…whenever that may be. Opinions will differ, tempers (real or imagined) will flare but the facts will remain. We spend

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Dawn on the Atlantic New Years Day 2021

Opportunity Clock

Sunrise North America: Dawn of a New Year — As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021, many of us are seeking a way to adjust our lives again as we hopefully will approach “normal” or a variation thereof in the coming year.   Many of us use some sort of alarm to help us wake

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